Personalized Learning

This year, BBE is incorporating a revolutionary new way of learning. With personalized learning, students are able to choose their own schedules every single day! While this is currently used only in our middle school grades, we plan on expanding in the following years. This page will give information about teachers leading the charge and resources so you can learn more about our exciting new era of learning!

PL-on-a-Stick Event Highlights!

This was the introduction slide show Janelle Field used to kick off the event. While going through the event schedule, it also gives basis for personalized learning and life skills all students should learn to be successful.

See slide 12 for those skills.

Jack Mueller gave a great presentation about how he is using standards-based learning in his math curriculum. The goal is for every student to learn at their own pace and ensure no student gets left behind.

Erin Koshiol's presentation focused around how students are using the personalized scheduler. It's a very informative look at the day-to-day process of personalized learning.

Sheila Jaeger and Alanna Hunter gave a presentation about the process and reasoning behind WIN Time, a part of the day where students get the chance to work on passion projects or have a brain break.

Our keynote speaker of the night was Travis Lape from Harrisburg Schools in South Dakota. He joined us via Google Hangouts to talk about why personalized learning is one of the answers to an evolving educational landscape that works to put students first.