Dual Credit Opportunities

The Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Notice of Student Registration (NOSR) form 2020-21 is now available for students intending to apply for PSEO enrollment in school year 2020-21. The 2020-21 form has added language to reflect the May 30 deadline for public school students' notification of their serving school district. A new data item on the form is the date the student notified their high school of their desire to participate in PSEO for the following school year.


The student provides this information and is warned that if this is after May 30, and the district did not waive the deadline, the family may be responsible for the postsecondary costs. In addition, electronic signatures will now be accepted on all sections of this form.


The new PSEO Registration Form 2020-21 will be sent to all Minnesota postsecondary institutions, posted to the school counselor’s listserv, included in the Charter Center Nonpublic Education Update, and posted to the Minnesota Department of Education website.




Information about the PSEO program including the PSEO reference guide, the NOSR form and application information is available on the PSEO Finance and PSEO Program websites. For assistance with questions about the form, contact MDE.PSEOfunding@state.mn.us.

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