Dean of Students' Message

My name is Adam Gregory and I am the High School Dean of Students as well as both a Secondary Science and Health Teacher.  This is my 16th year here at BBE, serving the last decade as the dual role of Dean and Teacher. Before BBE I worked for “Pathways for Communities,” an organization that serves at risk and disabled youth in the Twin Cities Metro; and before that I was a Secondary Teacher in Sisseton, South Dakota. While in the Twin Cities I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic and worked in Buffalo, MN for a short stint, before I realized my true passion was back in the classroom.


When I can't be found at the High School, I’m usually chasing raggedly after my two Children Bradyn (age 15), and Hailey (age 11). In my spare time, I enjoy racquetball, motorcycle rides, and am currently trying my hand at amateur sailing.


Some things I can state with absolute commitment about BBE:


1). We genuinely care: For the staff that walk in these doors every day this is not just a paycheck, this is a passion!  


2.) We take the time:  I truly without reservation believe that we spend more individual time and attention on our students than any school I have ever seen.  This is a “you will not fall through the cracks,” type of school. We exert a great deal of time and effort as a staff in making sure all of our students needs are met as individuals.


3.) You will graduate!: If you try, even if you struggle, we will get you there.  We will move mountains and exhaust every option to see you succeed.


4.) We will hold you accountable: We may not always agree on everything.  School is both for academic and social development. Mistakes will be made. We will learn from them, we will move on.

5.) We communicate: During the school year students spend as much time at school as they do at home.  As a district we value input and realize that communication is a two-way street. You have our word that if you have a concern, we will listen. Again, we may not always agree, but we will do so respectfully.  Sometimes it's helpful to remember that we all have the same goal...the well being and success of your student.

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