• Cody Lenarz

2020-21 School Year Schedule Set, Includes Early Start

Next school years' calendar has been set, and it is going to look a little different than most years. Because of the construction happening during the summer of 2021, we will be ending school two weeks early. The last day of school will be May 13, 2021, and graduation will be the day after. This is going to allow construction teams more time to complete the building projects that were approved in November's vote. Since we are ending two weeks early that spring, we will be starting two weeks early this coming fall. BBE's first day of school will be August 25th, 2020. Story continues under the semester 1 Calendar.

Some interesting things to note here. From September to December, there will be one 5-day week added to each month. When we add those to the calendar, we are able to move the end of the first semester to the 23rd of December. We will be able to finish the first semester right before winter break. When we come back from break, the second semester will begin.

Story continues under the semester 2 schedule.

The semester will look very much like a normal school year. We will end the school year on May 13th, and graduation will be the 14th. Then beings a summer of intense construction for BBE schools. If you have any questions, feel free to call our district office. More information about how this calendar will affect sports, community education, busing, etc. will come out as next year gets closer.

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