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BBE Fundraising - Where's Your Money Going

Over the past few years, BBE Schools has discussed a better way of fundraising to support school activities and needs.  Last year, we decided to move forward with some pretty dramatic changes. We went from having many different fundraisers contributing to many different organizations to a condensed, more concentrated fundraising effort. We now have four major fundraisers that contribute to the BBE Schools: Softener Salt Distribution, Community Fruit Drive, Jaguar Golf Open, and The Color Fund Run. While this is pretty common knowledge, we wanted to offer some details into our fundraising efforts.  

Here are the numbers:



YEAR 1 (2015):  $19,570.74

YEAR 2 (2016):  $26,948.33

YEAR 3 (2017):  $32,177.57

Total funds raised this year: $68,460.07

Let’s go through each of the fundraisers and analyze them deeper. We will start with the Softener Salt Drive. This year, salt distribution earned the school $9,886.00. That is a pretty good chunk of change.  The football team has been doing this fundraiser for many years, but last year it became district-wide. The community really appreciates the service by seeing the students bring the softener salt right into their homes and businesses. We feel the dollar amount can be improved from this service for sure. 

Next, let’s look at the Community Fruit Drive. This year, the Fruit Drive netted $11,416.54. This is only the money that went into the BBE Fund. There has been a vocal call from the community for fruit sales in the fall/winter, which is one of the reasons we expanded the fundraiser to be district-wide. We are hoping to continue to grow the fruit sales by not only with students, but direct sales from community members to the schools.  November 2018 will be the start of our Second Annual Community Fruit Drive and will make sure that the community orders will be in delivered in time for Christmas.

Next, it is the Jaguar Golf Open. Last summer, the Open generated $15,000 in funds for the school. That is quite the number for being the first year of the fundraiser. Since we have only had one so far, it will really matter on how this year’s Open goes to see if we can hold that dollar amount or even increase it! Hopefully, it continues to grow as the years go on.

Finally, let’s look at the monster that is the Color Fund Run. This year, the Color Fund Run generated $32,177.57 in funds! It is the largest money maker by far. The reason I think the Color Fund Run works so well, is because every person is excited for it; teachers, all of the students, and members of the community. Everyone I have talked to loves the event. Having so many people excited for it makes it something that can’t be missed. In addition, it works because it is unique. From what I could find, only NLS and Melrose have events similar to the Color Fund Run but they are not district wide. An event that we can call our own gives it a special quality. I see the Color Fund Run becoming even larger as the years go on and changes are made to differentiate this event!

Where are the funds going to?


(After each is where the funds go: elementary, high school, both, or community)

Jaguar Pride Initiatives – Both

Camp Foley Environmental Trip – Elementary

Prairie Woods Environmental Trip – Elementary

Rollerskating (K-12) – Both

Reduced Classroom Fees for 2018-2019 School Year – Both

6th Grade Ski Trip – Elementary

MCA Celebrations – Both

Accelerated Reader Awards – Elementary

HIgh School Leadership Luncheon – High School

Veteran’s Day Breakfast for local veterans – Community

State Business Professional of America – High School

State FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America – High School

Red Cross Blood Drive Meals – Community

Elementary Backboards – Elementary

Pillows for Patients – Community

Coding 8th Grade Club Awards – High School

Future Elementary Playground – Elementary

Color Fund-Run Supplies – Both

High School Attendance Awards – High School

Elementary Field Trips:

Ski TripScience Museum Trip


This new initiative for fundraising is still in its infancy and will no doubt change over the years. I love the fact that there isn’t a ton of fundraisers being broken up where each group has to fight for their own funds. Having school-wide fundraisers keeps everyone striving toward a single common goal for the students of BBE.

The most excited I remember being super excited for a fundraiser when I was in 6th grade when we were given a giant box filled with candy that we had to sell for the year’s field trips. It was always exciting to buy candy from the 6th graders, and when it finally came our time to sell, I knew it was my responsibility to do the work. Having the product with us also helped to keep selling. For a couple weeks, we were true business people. What we want to encourage with all the district-wide fundraisers is to have the students understand how this benefits them as an individual and as a school community.  Let’s bring back that true entrepreneurship that I felt back in 6th grade.

What Do you Think?

Please leave a comment on the blog or on the Facebook Post if you have any questions or comments about BBE’s Fundraising that you would like to share. What are you excited/confused about? Do you have any ideas on how we can improve? We would love to hear from the community!

Thank you for all the continuous support with our district-wide fundraisers.  It benefits all the learners of the BBE District.

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