Greetings to the Belgrade, Brooten, and Elrosa communities! I am Josie Dingmann. My husband and I have 3 adorable children and live in rural Belgrade. I am proud to work for BBE Schools, not only because of the high caliber of staff, students, and community, but because I am BBE ALUMNA! I hope our brochure finds you ready and excited to continue your learning and anxious to take a Community Education class at BBE! Contact me at 320-346-2278 ex 1319 or at

Josie Dingmann, Community Education Director

Hello! I'm Tessa Schoenberg and I am the Community Education Program Coordinator. I live in Belgrade with my 3 children. I graduated from B-B-E with the class of 2005! It is great to be working in the school district that I grew up in! I hope the classes we offer find you interested and wanting to explore them! We have something for everyone. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding community ed classes or if you have a class you would like to teach! You can contact me at 320-346-2278 ex 1218 or at

Tessa Schoenberg, Community Education Program Coordinator

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