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Kody Bertram

Technology Director


Patti Kaiser

Computer Technician


Our Mission

We are very excited to be preparing our students to be purposeful contributing members of our society.  In order for us to be successful with the use of our learning tools, our instruction continues to focus on collaboration, communication, creativity and to be critical thinkers in and out of school.  


No longer are we preparing our students for the Industrial Revolution...we are preparing our students for jobs that have not even been created yet.  We want our students not just to get jobs, but we want our learners to CREATE jobs. With the integration of our technology tools learners will be prepared for technologically oriented opportunities that will demand higher level thinking skills.


The “Three R’s” are no longer enough.  We want our learners to compete in this global society that require our learners to have voice, choice and to be innovators.  The technology tools in our district support these important ideas. Our focus here at BBE Public Schools is to create conditions for our learners who are inspired and empowered to go deeper with their learning.

1:1 Device Program & Insurance

All K-12 Learners at BBE will be provided with a personal device to enhance their learning. This 1:1 initiative is focused on preparing students for the 21st century work environment where technology is prevalent in all career fields. K-7th students will receive a school issued iPad and students in 8th-12th will receive a Chromebook. Students in grades 3rd-12th will be allowed to take their device home with them throughout the school year, so long as they have filled out the 1:1 Device Handbook Form and paid for the insurance.

More details about device insurance can be found within the 1:1 Device Handbook in the section below.

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