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Standards Based Grading

What is Standards Based Grading: Standards based grading(SBG) is an alternative form of grading in which achievement is based on performance of specific skills and knowledge (standards) that a student has mastered rather than simply averaging a student's performance on tests and assignments.

Standards Based Grading Scale: 

Exceeds: Student goes above and beyond, shows a deeper level of learning and is making connections to greater community.

Meets: Student demonstrates a consistent understanding and knowledge of the standard. With limited errors, student is able to grasp and apply key concepts, processes, and skills.

Progressing: Student demonstrates progress toward understanding and has a base knowledge of the standard. 

Beginning: Student demonstrates minimal progress toward the standard.

Incomplete: Student shows no progress toward the standard.

  • 9th-12th grade students will see Standards Based Markings along with letter grades in the grade book that will calculate into a GPA.

  • 6th-8th grade students will receive ONLY the standard based grading marking.

Why Standards Based Grading? 

The goal is to accurately communicate learning progress. For example, reporting for each standard in math class can communicate that a student has mastered multiplication, but is struggling with their understanding of fractions. Parents and students will now be able to receive feedback for each standard taught. 

Benefits of Standards Based Grading: 

For Students: 

  • Students are offered multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.

  • Students can monitor their own progress toward specific targets.

  • Specific feedback on progress helps build motivation and self-esteem for students.

For Parents:

  • Grades have more meaning.

  • Parents know which areas their child needs more support.

  • Parents are aware of what their child knows and is able to do. 

Portrait of a Graduate: 

  • We help our learners develop 21st century skills encompassed in our BBE Portrait of a Graduate.

  • Students will be evaluated on the following skills which will also be calculated into the grade:

    • Critical thinking​

    • Collaboration

    • Citizenship (Jaguar Pride)

    • Creativity

    • Reflection 

    • Communication

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